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  • HT machines for sustainable dyeing
    Deploying advanced technology in view of improving the cost of production and achieve better results is a way of working in textile sector. Procedures like dyeing that were considered tedious and still didn't give impressive results have been transformed for better with the help of technology. The machines aim at energy-saving and promote environmental friendly dyeing process.

    Today there are package dyeing machines which are the most popular and widely used machines around the world for the purpose of dyeing almost all type of yarns. These machines are economical, automatic and give accurate dyeing results. In the package machines yarn dyeing is done at high temperature and under high pressure (HTHP). There are horizontal high temperature machines, which have dyeing carriers with vertical spindles, which are placed into the machine with the help of trolleys. These machines are erected at the ground level and hence do not need an elevated platform, thus making the dye house design and layout simple.