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Applied textile solution-ATS PAKISTAN providing technical consultancy and solutions in all textile sectors, but has also a solid experience in the sector of dyestuffs and auxiliary products for the textile industry. Our activities include: Research and development, manufacturing, supply of chemical products and textile auxiliaries as well as technical aid to our customers.

We offer specific solutions adapted to our clients' requirements. Thanks to our company philosophy, we are proud to offer the highest quality services to a large number of clients. While entering in the new millennium ATS has become the authorized distributer of abroad based multinational companies having the huge range of branded certified textile auxiliaries.

Applied Textile Solution is well established and successful business company. The Executive Director is an Applied Chemist has vast experience in textile industries. He has grown up his own business to meet the international challenges and now the motive force behind the newly expanded operations of this company that include the fields of textile technical consultancy, processing, machinery ,lab equipments and certifications.

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